GSoC 2018. project introduction

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GSoC 2018. project introduction

Stjepan Brkić

You might remember my name popping up in the mailing list a couple months back,
when I introduced myself as a potential GSoC candidate student.

The proposal got accepted, so I’d like to briefly introduce the project to everyone on the mailing list.

As you all probably know, GNUstep has an implementation of CoreAnimation, but the integration with the implementation of AppKit is missing.
The goal of the project would be, in the end, to allow for automatic creation of CALayer tree that backs the existing NSView tree. This also covers
the creation and handling of CARenderer and OpenGL layers.

If the project successfully ends, we should have a framework that allows for complex, smooth animations that are hardware accelerated, while 
maintaining Cocoa compatibility.

Here is the rough project timeframe:

1. Until Jun 15
- implementing makeBackingLayer method on NSView
- implementing layer property on NSView
- implementing addCARenderer and removeCARenderer methods on CALayer
- these last 2 methods are GNUstep-specific, and are ment to help the early phases of development - while wantsLayer and setWantsLayer methods aren't implemented yet.

2. Until Jul 13
- implementing the drawing of an NSView into CALayer
- starting the work on wantsLayer, setWantsLayer methods on NSView

3. Until Aug 14
- finishing the implementation of wantsLayer, setWantsLayer

Additionally, if there will be enough time, I'll try to implement CATransition, and do some work on offscreen rendering, shadow rendering,
offscreen texture managment and the shaders.


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