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GWorkspace : two instances running

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Hi Riccardo,
Hi All,

While running other apps, like Terminal or GNUMail, I can see often a
new instance created of GWorkspace, i.e:
- A new File viewer window is shown,
- The Application of GWorkspace icon is duplicated on the Dock,
- The same with the mini-icons on the bottom left.

And when You see at ps, You can see that
is running twice.

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ ps -ux|grep 'GWorkspace'
pi         812  1.8  6.2 103644 58828 tty1     S    09:36   0:44
pi        8154  1.9  6.1 102700 58704 tty1     S    09:43   0:38

Well, if You quit the second instance from the menu, You kill the ddbd

ddbd connection died.



Capture_instances_GWorkspace_1.png (484K) Download Attachment